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Vicki Stasch - Meeting Assessment


Meeting Participatioin and Behavior PDF

Prepared by Vicki Stasch, Management Consultant

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Rate the following statements to assess your individual and colleagues meeting participation using the scale:

Always-1 Frequently-3 Sometimes-2 Rarely-1 Never-0

Colleagues | Self

  1. Start meetings on time with all arriving prior to start
  2. Encourage non participators to join the discussion
  3. Discourage disruptive conversations
  4. Ask questions when not understanding something
  5. Listen to other members
  6. Treat member colleagues and staff with respect
  7. Do not bait or put down colleagues or staff
  8. Voice complaints/concerns inside rather than outside meetings
  9. Tell members where we stand on issues
  10. Compliment colleagues and staff
  11. Seek approaches to move the group toward a decision
  12. Come to meetings with an open mind
  13. Do not take conflict personally
  14. Do not plot actions with others prior to the meetings
  15. Practice being brief and succinct in stating our views
  16. Feel free to express opinions
  17. Make decisions only after each member has had her/his say
  18. Come to meeting with no baggage
  19. Avoid personalizing, attacking or labeling other members or staff
  20. Do not ignore or belittle contributions of others

Colleagues | Self



71-80--Excellent 61-70--Good 41-60--Improvement-Needed 0-40--Poor-Participation